søndag 11. januar 2009

24 weeks - #2 "A letter to me"

"A letter to me"
Dreams and wishes for 2009

A new year has just started, and I guess I’m not the only one with dreams and wishes for the coming months. I’m not thinking of the famous New Year resolutions. They usually just give me either bad conscience or the feeling of not being good enough… I’m talking about the good dreams and wishes. Things that make you both excited, happy and proud to think about.

This week’s challenge is to write your self a letter. Use your dreams and wishes for the future and imagine your life as it is in exact one year, on January 11.th. 2010. Pretend to be the ‘2010’ version of you, writing a letter to the 2009 version, telling her about all the stuff that has happened during the last year (2009-01-11 to 2010-01-11). Write about happenings, your daily life, your feelings… incorporate the things you dream and wish for. Make the letter like a description of the life you long for right now. And try to be a bit realistic too, without letting it kill your dreams and wishes.

When you letter is written I want you to put it in an envelope, glue the envelope together and write your name an address on it. I also want you to write in big letters: OPEN 2010.01.11. When you’ve done that, give the letter to a person you trust and ask him/her to give it back to you next January 11.th. I guarantee you – reading the letter in one year will be a touching moment. (If you want to, you can send the letter to me, and I’ll keep it till next year and return it to you in time.)

Okey. That’s the first part of this week’s challenge. Time for the second part.

After finishing your letter, I want you to make a collage. Use pictures and ephemeras that symbolize the things you dream and wish for. You can add several things, but if it’s possible for you, try to find a main thing, a focus – something that feels a bit more important than the others. Let that focal point be the centre of your page. Try to make a page with NO words on it. Just pictures, drawings, shapes and colours. Let the visual stuff do the talking. I also want you to incorporate – some way or another – a place where you can place and hide your letter when you get it back next year. Until then – let the picture it self reminds you of the words you’ve written in the letter. You can decorate and include an envelope, or make a secret room. Next year this spread will be a fabulous documentation with pictures and your letter complementing each other. An important piece of your life.

Hide-and-seek journaling - some tips

This challenge has a 'serious' voice, so please do not forget to have fun while doing it :)

2 kommentarer:

Lise Dagrun sa...

Denne gleder jeg meg til å lage! Først trodde jeg brevet skulle bli den vanskeligste biten, men etter som tanken har fått modna litt, tror jeg det skal gå bra. Men å finne bilder som beskriver - uten å bruke ord - det blir ei lita nøtt! Har heldigvis en fridag i morgen, så da skal jeg lete etter passende bilder og skrive brev til meg sjøl!

Takk for utfordrende start på det nye året!

Klemmer fra Lise.

LaY hOoN sa...

Whoa !!!
I love your idea.

Thank you for inspired me.