søndag 25. januar 2009

24 weeks - #4 Glam, Glitter & Glory

Yesterday the first Norwegian part of this year's European Song Contest 2009 was shown on TV. And I know that many of us have strong feelings for this show - we either hate it or we love it. But, if we focus on other parts of the show than the singing itself, it actually fascinates me. Especially the HUGE glam factor. I love it! I love how the artists dress theirselves up in the most glamorous ways. With diamonds, gold and sequins, ultra short dresses and outfits that make the audience gasp...

I also watched Trinny & Susannah yesterday, and their big campaign: Bring back glamour. Sitting in my sofa, dressed up in a soft and really comfortable tights and a baggy and well used sweather, I actually felt a bit embarassed... I was not even close to being described as glamorous... Not at all...

I have decided to dedicate this week to the beauty of Glamour! I want to be glamorous! I want to dress myself up in nice ( 'n sexy) clothes, use bijoutery that glimmer and shine. Not because I want to make impression on somebody, but because I want to enjoy the good feeling the Glamour gives me :) Who said that Glam is just for the famous artists or the Queens and Princesses? We're all beautiful women that deserve some Glam, Glitter & Glory in our lives!

I challenge you girls! I challenge you to join this week's glamorous challenge. It contains four parts:

1. Make a glamorous self portrait. Show yourself off - with Glam, Glitter & Glory! Show off your hidden Princess. Celebrate your beauty. Be proud!

2. Use different kinds of glam & glitter & shiny stuff on your pages. There are tons of special products you can buy that give glimmery 'n shiny effects. But, I'm sure you can find some stuff in your house too... You can use different kind of make up, cheap single earrings, aluminium foil, leaf gold... I challenge you to go hunting! Be creative, play and try out stuff you've never used before. Fill your pages with glam!

3. Give yourself some glam! Let each day bring you some glam. You can put on a cute skirt, a nice colored lipstick, some shiny earrings, high heeled shoes... Let's praise the femininity :)

4. At least once a day I'd like you to say out loud: I'm gorgeous! And keep a smile on your face while you say the beautiful words :)

Let's all be glamorous! I can't wait to see this week's pages :)

2 kommentarer:

Karin sa...

HEY... er det ikke vores danske "Drama Queen"??? Er han ikke lækker??
Ja tro nu ikke jeg er gået helt i hundene.. jeg kikker skam med fra sidelinien :-)

Anonym sa...

Hjeeeeeelp!!!!!! det var da litt av en utfordring!!!! Åssen i huleste skal jeg gjøre det da....?! Hmmm... Her må det tenkes! Har hvert fått ordnet fotograf til å ta portrett av meg.... :) Jeg må bare finne ut åssen jeg skal kunne overstæsje meg selv til å bli "glamorous"..... Hjelp,ikke meg i det hele tatt!