onsdag 28. januar 2009

Quiet days...

I'm so sorry that I have no pages to show you or not even an itty bitty tiny piece of inspiration to pass on to you guys... actually I think I'm the one who needs the inspiration. I'm all stucked. My desk is clean and empty. And so is my head. At least 'empty'... I'm not sure it's clean *lol*

But - I have been giving myself some glamour this week! Hiiihaa! When I woke up on Sunday morning I didn't feel well at all... All my - sad to say "well used" - selfdestructive sentences were popping up in my head from a long, and endless, row... I guess you know the feeling too. And usually I would have gone passive and let myself be totally overrun by the destructive sentences and end up with a complete miserable day. But - when I sat down planning this week's challenge, it did something to me. Just the fact that I decided - in BIG WORDS - to make myself a Glamour Week, changed something in my mind. First of all it made me smile. No, correction: It made me laugh! Instead of burrying myself in the negative wibes, I found myself laughing! That's something, right? The second thing that happened was that instead of wearing my comfy clothes, I put on a nice top, a funky silver belt, some cute makeup and biiig earrings. And - oh my - I actually felt great! I just had to smile and it even made it easy to look myself in the eyes and say the huge words: I'm lookin' gooood!

I know that this week's challenge is a tricy one. But - and I say this to myself too...: Try not to be too serious! Play! Have fun! Use your sence of humour, your irony - glitter yourself up, both in your AJ and in real life :) If it feels difficult to use a real picture of you, use a cut out from a mag. That's allright! As long as you pretend it's you when you make the page :)

Have a gorgeous glittery day!

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Gro sa...

Jaja, sånn er det av og til, det går snart over og da kommer du med en skikkelig glam side her! Jeg jobber i barnehage men har allikevel tenkt litt etter hva jeg har hatt på meg denne uken, i dag er det faktisk en hverdagskjole, tilogmed!

Egentlig er jeg ferdig med forrige ukes sider også, men mangler et bilde som jeg skulle ha med, derfor er den ikke vist frem enda, men det kommer!