søndag 8. februar 2009

24 weeks - #5 Upside Down

Inspired by my Art Therapy week I'd like to challenge you to join me in an Upside Down-week. Here is a list of different kinds of challenges, and you choose which one (or five) to make. The point is to shake'n sture our usual way of thinking.

1. Find a well known painting (like Mona Lisa, The Scream... or any other...) and print it out. Glue the picture in your AJ - Upside down. Then it's time to play! Try not to focus on the motif on the picture, but more on the shapes and lines. You can add paint, wax crayons, stamps, paper... that's entirely up to you. I can't wait to see your version of the painting :)

2. Use a quote and turn the meaning of it upside down. Use your new quote to make a page in your AJ.

3. Take one of your habits and turn it upside down - at least in your AJ.

4. Draw upside down. Who said that a person always has to walk on it's feet?

5. Paint an abstract paint. Let it dry and then glue it in your AJ upside down. It's possible that you'll find some interesting things in the picture that you didn't know about.

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Ida / Little sa...

Ja dette var virkelig en skikkelig utfordring også, men GØY :) Kult bilde du hadde malt forresten :) Ha en flott og kreativ uke. Klem Ida