lørdag 6. desember 2008

#Fredagsutfordringen - "Affirmasjoner"

(Text on the card: "I do want to create")

I'm back.... *smile* I really needed this break, but I've missed my AJ so much! After some long weeks with not even a tiny glimps of creativity, I've made myself a plan! And this brilliant plan is going to be this week's #Friday Challenge. I hope you'll join in :)


An Art Journal can be used for many different reasons. Some days I make a page because I have a new technique I want to try out. Some days I make a page because I have either a sentiment, a text or a picture I just need to convert into art. Other days I join a challenge. But – for me – one of the most inspiring way of using my AJ is to use it for my personal growth.

And one way – or strategy – I’ve heard many people talking about is the use of affirmations. And that is what this week’s challenge is all about. But what is an affirmation? If we visit Wikipedia, this is what it says:

Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of Positive thinking - fostering "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to ones self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.

I’m sure we all have days when we feel that life could have been better. Or days when our self esteem is lower than it should be. Those days are perfect for an “Affirmation experiment”. Do you wanna join me?

For the next seven days I’m going to make myself a personal set of affirmations. I first planned to make one page per affirmation, but I’ve changed my mind. If my affirmation experiment is going to work as I hope it will, I need to be able to use the affirmations daily. That’s why I’ll make some handy cards. Cards I can have in my wallet, my purse, hang on my message board in the kitchen… Cute and important remainders for myself.

Well, enough talking… time to get working, girls!

I've allready made my first set of four :) I'll show you all of them... (and tomorrow I'll give you the story behind two of the cards...)

Use some time to focus on what issues you want to work on. Do you have a concrete problem you need to solve? Do you want to work on you self asteem? On goals or dreams for the future? This is totally up to you! The important thing is to find what's important to you - right now. When you've found your focus, it's time to make the affirmation. Remember to keep it positive. Avoid negative words as 'not', 'never', 'don't' etc... If you need some help finding good sentences, I've used Google for you. And when you've made yourself a good sentence, it's time to create :) Use the affirmation in a piece of art. You can make cards, like I do, or AJ pages, or what ever - do as you want!

Tumbs up for positive thinking :)

7 kommentarer:

Tesa sa...

Kul att du är tillbaka! Underbara alster! Kram

Gro sa...

Godt å ha deg tilbake igjen!!! Flotte kort! Og affirmasjoner trenger vi nok alle og enhver...!

LaY hOoN sa...

Such a lovely thought & ideas.
I wish to try it out too :)

Apple sa...

This is a wonderful idea. I will make a journal page as soon as I get home. Thank you for the idea.

Catharina Maria sa...

Ashild I am glad you are back again .
I hope you are better now !
I have made some blue pages on my own I hope you likes them .
Love Rini / Catharina

Hilde sa...

Fine kort! Smart å sette sammen affirmasjonene av ord på den måten du gjør. Jeg kom over en tjenste for affimasjoner, www.skapdinsuksess.no. Den synes jeg var kjempebra, jeg får tilsendt en ny affirmasjon hver dag. En fin start på dagen! Hilde.

Anonym sa...

Fine affirmasjoner! Godt at du er tilbake :)
Har du prøvd www.skapdinsuksess.no? Der er det mange fine affirmasjoner :)