tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Misty Mawn Challenge

I've been lurking aroun in her blog for a long time, and I just love her art. Misty Mawn is a fabulous artist. Last week she made the most gorgeous pictures in different colors - and was challenging her readers to join in. I didn't. I SO wanted to, but still I didn't join... But yesterday she had a new challenge and I'm joining! I've had so much fun making this canvas. Her challenge was:

Monday - embellishments. buttons, beads, fabric added to the page.

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Audrey sa...


Hanne sa...

Så utrolig stilg dette var Åshild!

Klem Hanne

Torill sa...

Så UTROLIG nydelig denne var!!! De fargene er så lekre og knall budskap!!!

misty sa...

beautiful, beautiful art! thank you so much for joining in. i am happy to have found your site.