fredag 13. mars 2009

Klæsjebakgrunn - Messy background

I woke up and I just had to paint! Or, calling it a "Painting" is perhaps using too big words... *lol* But I've played with paint - no doubt! I actually got inspired by the last picture I showed you in the last post. The 'close up' inspired me to make a huge background, and then later on use parts of it as backgrounds - or even details - in my AJ. The painted background is 100 x 70 cm, and hopefully it will last for several pages :)

I'll show you how I made the background - step by step:

1. Here is my big piece of paper.
2. I've used acrylic paint (for children).
3. And, give your head an hour off - it's easier to be messy if the head isn't controlling the prosess. Just play with the colors, and make different kind of shapes. Have fun :)
4. Not pretty at all - but who cares!
5. A tip: Don't wash the brush, just let the colors mix and blend. Cleaning is boooring....
6. I've covered my whole piece of paper with paint. I love the mess! My 'ugly' - or let's be nice and say 'not very naturalistic' - style makes me smile :)
Let dry....... *sight* (Where do you buy a HUGE package of patience???) ....
.... *whistle*
.... *singing and practicing the Johannes-passion of Bach.....*
.... *testing testing nope not dry at all....*
.... "Thank God for the Heat Gun!"
7. I got an idea and wanted to use some wax crayons to make some spots and patterns on the background... Perhaps the wax will make the next layer of paint pearl...? Time will show :)
8. I also want to add some collage pieces and ephemeras, just to get some texture.
9. Gluing them on with decoupage glue. Messy, messy! :) (Especially since some of the paint wasn't all dry... *lol* Did I mention lack of patience?)
10. Time for another layer - cover the paint with some white.
11. And the background got sooo boring.... So I had to add some more color.
12. And time for the fun part: While the paint is still wet (*yeeeaaaahhh!*) use something to scrape off some of the paint. You can draw figures, write or just do some doodling. Look how cool it is when the bottom layer comes through!
13. And hey - I recovered the text and the music sheet!
14. Love how this pattern turned out!
15. *jummi* Can't wait to use this part in my AJ!
16. And these ones too :)

And time for the neverending "please get dryyyy"-part.... But, while the background dries, I'm going to the gym! See you later - and I can't wait to see your messy-messy backgrounds! 'Cause your joining in, aren't you?

6 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Utrolig kult!!!
Må prøves!!! Nå som jeg er i freestyle-stim også!!

Eva Dohn sa...

Fantastisk! Er rigtig glad for at have fundet din blog. Super at du viser, hvordan du gør!

Hanne sa...

Klem Hanne

Linn sa...

God helg :)

Mary sa...

Bellissimo !!!!
adoro combinazione e cromatismi di colori ;)
ciao Mary

Birgitte sa...

Alle kule, kreative der ute. Vær så snill å gå inn på min blogg og se på alt det jeg gjør i min art journaling bok!
Jeg lager også en del scrapbooking, mitt motto er å alltid være kreativ! Om du liker alt mulig som har med scrapbooking, art journaling og kreative ideer er nok bloggen min noe for deg!
Her kommer addressen:

PS! Alt skal så klart være sammenhengende.
Kjempestor klem fra Birgitte!