lørdag 14. mars 2009

Messymessy - Chaos

I've made my first pages - based on the messy and chaotic feeling my background gives me. But first, in order to know which part of my background I wanted to use, I cut out a white paper frame. Then, just move the frame all over the painting to see which part you'd like to cut out.
I cut out two - to make a dubble page in my AJ.
Then I used some white paint along the edges, and glued on a picture - and 'framed' it by using wax crayons. I also highlighted some of the colors in the background with some more color (wax).
My finished pages:
The text - roughly translated:
"It's kind of strange how chaos actually can feel good to look at - if I only get to see it from a distance. When I'm in the middle of the chaos, I'm just hectically searching for a glimps of order and balance. I'm "staring me blind" (I don't know if you have this kind of phrase in English....) by only looking at the details and forget that they're just tiny pieces of something bigger. Only when I manage to get a step or two away from the chaos, I'm realizing that the tiny details blend in perfectly in the bigger picture. The tiny - and partly incomprehensible and incoherent - details are important elements of the big design."

5 kommentarer:

{ Kristina } sa...

Helt sinnsykt stilig!! :D

Lise Dagrun sa...

Åååå, nå klør det i fingrene mine etter å være litt kreativ igjen!! Takk for all inspirasjon, Åshild, du er bare fantastisk!!

Solvarm klem fra Lise.

Torill sa...

Så stilig det ble!!! Skikkelig tøfft!
God helg Åshild, og takk for inspirasjon! - igjen!

linda loe sa...

wow you made some gorgeous art journaling pages. Found your adres in Dina`s class.

Apple sa...

I love messiness in my journal. That's my favorite part (when my hands are full of paint).