tirsdag 16. september 2008

Fakta om swirls - some facts

Jeg er som sagt veldig glad i swirler, men hva betyr egentlig symbolet? Her kommer litt av det jeg fant på nettet... I know I love swirls, but what does the symbol actually means? I'll share with you some of the things I found on the internet...

Om Celtiske swirler About the celtic swirl:
(Jeg oversetter ikke dette... )

To look at, the Celtic Spiral looks simply like a doodle in someone’s notebook or the way someone might test their pen to see whether it works, but according to traditional beliefs, the spiral is so much more than that.
Meaning 1: It is said to be life itself. It is a tribute to the rising sun and therefore to Mother Nature and to the creation of life since without the sun no one could live.

Meaning 2: It is a representation of people and humanity. The spiral sybol has been found along village sites and has recently been determined to possibly be a sign of community size. Each spiral representing an individual person in the area. Possibly this meaning is related to the first meaning I mentioned due to the fact that people and life are obviously so closely connected.
Meaning 3: It is thought to be representative of time, event, or cosmic matters. Based on the number of lines in the spiral, the belief is that it relates to a specific idea. If the spiral has three lines it is referring to the trinity (a common theme throughout many religious cultures and well known in Christianity). If the spiral has four lines then it is a representative of the Four Directions (North, South, East, West and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter are just two of the groups commonly found). The spiral can show the passing of time though as related to when something happened or even age. If the spiral is found on a tombstone and has many lines, then it is possible that it represents the age of the person buried there.

En spennende artikkel om Jungs forståelse av 'spiral'-symbolet. An interesting article about Jung's thoughts about the spiral as a symbol.

Denne definisjonen fant jeg her. I found this definition on this page.
Ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change, and the evolution of the universe.

Og til slutt en nettside om den kosmiske spiralen. And finally a website about the cosmic spiral.

Jeg har også lyst til å vise dere et nydelig bilde jeg fant på en kunstside på nettet. Er det ikke vakkert? Dette skal bli mitt inspirasjonsbilde for dagens AJ-side... Jeg legger den ut når jeg er ferdig med den :) I also want to show you a picture I found on an art page on the internet. Isn't it beautiful? This picture is going to be my inspiration for today's AJ page. I'll be back :)

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