lørdag 25. juli 2009

"Wake up, little Suzi, wake up..."

Too many days have past since last post in this blog - I'm ashamed. But yet I can't promise you better times... My creative mood has been jumping from one thing to another for a long time; one day to cardmaking and stamping, the other day to canvases and painting, some days to writing, and some days nothing is working at all... So I guess I'll just wait'n see what happens. Maybe my little wake up-song works and I'll come up with some new stuff to post here - and maybe not. We'll see :)

The picture above is my latest AJ "page". I'm writing "-es because I've made the page on a canvas, so it's not actually a page. But it's art journaling. No doubt. Inspired by a quite new feeling for me. I'm trying to put my diplomatic skills away and dare to stand up straight and fight. It's scary. And it makes me proud too.

If you want to clean the dust of your AJ book too and join me with a page, I challenge you to find a picture from a mag that suits your mood right now. Use the picture to create a page.

Have a nice weekend :)

3 kommentarer:

Mokzan sa...

Nice to see you again =)

Åshild sa...

Takk - thanks :)

Catharina Maria sa...

I am glad to see you back !
love Rini